Able Catch Recharge Lures

Able Catch announces Recharge Recharge Lure Able Catch`Lures


“Over the years, Eco-responsible customers have asked why a half empty moth trap should be thrown in the trash just because the lure had reached the 90 day limit.   Able Catch decided to introduce “Recharge Lures” that can be added to ANY BRAND moth trap to extend it’s life another 90 days”.


Replacement lures or recharge lures?

What should these eco – friendly natural pheromone lures be called?  On one hand they are a replacement lure, in case you loose a lure.   But the real strength shines when a Recharge lure is added along side an original lure ( or several recharge lures).   Traps Direct and Able Catch clearly take Reduce – Reuse – Recycle seriously.   In fact the Recharge Lure logo is actually a variation on the recycle symbol found on every plastic bottle…

But instead of rounded corners, each of the 3 sides of the triangle actually appear to be a ‘classic triangle’ moth trap.  Indicating that 3 recharge lures can be used to extend a regular moth trap from 3 months to 12 months…  A full year of life in monitor mode.

Works with ANY Brand

Rather than restrict the use of Recharge Lures to only able catch pantry pest traps, the instructions actually acknowledge and encourage use of Recharge Replacement Lures on any brand of moth trap including:

Reduce Waste and Save Money

Best of all by using recharge lure, you will save cash, because they cost less than a full moth trap.. In fact the pheromone lure is the most expensive part of a moth trap.   And the paperboard portion is the most expensive in an ecological / disposal sense.   So you save cash, and help the environment.