Able Catch – Green Inside and Outside (part 1)

Eco-Freindly, Natural, Organic and effective

When Traps Direct set out to remake the moth trap in to a super charged catch power pantry moth trap, consideration for the environment and customer experience were the top design criteria.  To that end the Able Catch Pantry Pest Trap entered the Moth Trap Competition as a Green Outside ( consumer ) and Green Inside ( environment ) contender.  Let’s explore the customer focused Green Outside, next time we’ll explore the Green Inside Able Catch.

Consumer Focused Green Outside 

Respecting customer desires, Able Catch Moth Traps feature : modern appearance, small foot print and no waste packaging.  The efficient Trap Board delivers results from incredible catch power packed into the single wrap agricultural grade pheromone lure.

Modern Appearance

Older style 60’s design traps have a wood grain appearance, or other traps go the generic route with a white background, or worse, Print on a white background.   Nothing a sensitive person wants on a kitchen counter. The biggest complaint regarding the exterior of moth traps was ‘it’s ugly’.   So Able Catch surveyed the most common kitchen designs of the last 20 years, and found stone / marble designs to be most discrete.  Color wise, fern green blends with both light and dark counters and avoids attention.  Able Catch Green Design Moth Trap

Able Catch Moth Traps exterior pattern blends Granite & Marble into a 20 shade non-descript surface that “disappears in plain sight”.  Both the Front and Top of the trap board which face forward have ZERO Text, while the back and bottom hold QR Codes for directions, replacement date and Logo.

Trapezoid Shape, Small Footprint

Customers have limited pantry shelf space, yet most moth traps have a triangle design which uses the same space on any side, and wastes the space over the trap.  Trapezoid ( almost a rectangle, but intentionally not) design enables a 50% smaller foot print, with a 2X higher and larger Moth Entry Zone.  This combination enables ACPPT traps to fit in a cupboard and sit snug against a wall.  Tab Wings also let the AC Pantry Pest Trap ‘fly’ or hang essentially from hooks that can be folded back from the Tab.

No Waste Packaging

Finally on the consumer wish list, packaging.  Customers were frustrated throwing away poly wrappers or boxes that used the same amount of card board as the traps.  To respect consumer wishes and the planet, ACPPT traps come in a 2 Trap – Flat Sheet, which measures 9 x 12″.  There is no external package or waste.  The size was selected to take advantage of standard shipping envelopes, reducing the carbon foot print of the delivery process.