Tab Wing Tuck

Tuck an Able Catch Moth Trap

Able Catch Tab Wings provide a built-in system to aid in placement of pheromone moth traps in positions that are more likely to encounter an airborne breeding age male moth.

Let’s look at Tab Wing Tuck , just one of three placement methods ( Tuck , Hook and Loop ).   The Tuck method of placement has 2 variations:

  • Wing Edge Tuck
  • Neck Tuck

Able Catch Tab Wing Tuck

Tab Wing Tuck Configuration

When configuring the Able Catch Wing Tabs, we look at how to bend or shape the wings ( arms ) into a shape that can be used to place the moth trap.   In the case of both Tab Wing Edge Tuck and Neck Tuck there is no initial configuration required.   Optionally, you can thicken the Tab Wing Tuck surface by folding back the Tab Wings at the midpoint.

Tab Wing Tuck ( Edge Tuck )

Using the outer  edge of the Tab Wing, friction fit the wing edge into any tight space including:

  • Door Jambs, Door Frames
  • Shelf Edges
  • Cupboard door panel edge
  • Double Hung window edges
  • Switch or outlet covers
  • picture frames

If the gap is a bit wider, just fold the wings back 50% to double the Edge Tuck thickness, or break the mid wing bar and fold the wings completely over each other for a triple thick tuck.

Tab Wing Neck Tuck

The valley between the two arches / wings of the tab is referred to as the Tab Neck and it was designed to enable the Able Catch Trap to be tucked under any type of post for mounting.   Examples include:

  • Cabinet Pulls or the Screw on the inside of the cabinet
  • Outlet Cover screw heads
  • Lamp Cover Finials
  • Room Vent screw heads

For a more snug fit, just bend the wings back at the mid-wing, which doubles the thickness of the Tab Neck.


Using the Tab Wing Tuck, Able Catch Traps can be positioned in countless locations.   The 4 sided design of the ACPPT enabled the trap to lay flush to the Tuck surface.  Additionally, if tucking under a cabinet pull on the inside, the Trapezoid is able to deform slightly without collapsing, enabling the Able Catch to hide inside the cabinet, and yet not waste shelf space using a zero footprint.